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Wednesday, September 20

Waubonsee Retiree Breakfast with Dr. Knetl

Retirees from Waubonsee Community College are invited to enjoy breakfast on campus with Dr. Knetl during Inauguration Week! By Invitation Only

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Meet with Liz from Concordia and have your transfer questions answered!

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Meet with a transfer admissions counselor to have your transfer questions answered!

Engagement Fair (Aurora Downtown)

Find your direction, and meet our new President, Dr. Brian Knetl, at our Student Life Engagement Fair! This event provides students with the opportunity to...

Engagement Fair (Plano)

Find your direction at our Student Life Engagement Fair, which will provide students with the opportunity to meet Student Organizations on campus as well as...

Starting Your Business in Illinois

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Learn the basic elements of starting a successful business. This workshop gives the entrepreneur a realistic view of the...

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CircleIn Virtual Workshop for Students

Get ready to level up your learning game with CircleIn! This awesome tool is here to supercharge your academic journey and help you crush it in your...

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Wednesday, September 20