Waubonsee Community College


Thursday, February 2

Cap and Money

Join the hundreds of students who've received scholarships through the Waubonsee Community College Foundation! For priority consideration, apply by 11:59...

Chad Kouri: Looking at Yourself

The Waubonsee Community College Art Department & The Arrowhead Room are proud to present: Chad Kouri Looking at Yourself. The exhibition will be on view from...

Donna Castellanos: The American People

The Waubonsee Community College Art Department & The Dickson Window Project Space are proud to present: Donna Castellanos: The American People. The...

Financial Football with Money Matters

Pick your favorite NFL team and get financial savvy ready! Money Matters is hosting Financial Football in the Cafe and getting us all ready for the BIG...

Transfer Icon

Meet with Karen and have your transfer questions answered!

Thursday, February 2