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Thursday, July 30

Growing with Canvas Online Training

Canvas is now the college’s exclusive learning management system. Canvas is an intuitive learning management system from Instructure that includes many...

“Third Time’s a Charm” by Becca Overton, 2020, Newspaper, 15 x 15 x 1 ½ in.

In the art exhibition Skyway Selections the Waubonsee Community College’s Art Department presents artworks such as painting, drawing, photography, design,...

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"Untitled" by Shannon Henderson, Painted construction, 14 x 15 x 14 in., Student from Prairie State College

This year Waubonsee Community College is hosting the art exhibition entitled Skyway Juried Art Exhibition 2020 which is part of the Illinois Skyway...

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Black Minds Matter Online Course Series

Description: As institutions issue statements in response to longstanding racial injustices, learn more about taking action to support Black students on your...

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Equity Insight Metrics for Faculty: Moving Beyond Buzzwords

Too often, institutions rely on lagging performance indicators that analyze students’ past performance, such as graduation rates. Research has now identified...

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Getting Started Sessions (Spanish)

Covering everything but your course schedule! Starting as a new student at Waubonsee has two major phases -- everything that gets you ready to choose and...

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Thursday, July 30