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Friday, May 15

“Third Time’s a Charm” by Becca Overton, 2020, Newspaper, 15 x 15 x 1 ½ in.

In the art exhibition Skyway Selections the Waubonsee Community College’s Art Department presents artworks such as painting, drawing, photography, design,...

Virtual Event
Spring 2020 Semester Ends

Last day of Spring 2020 semester classes.

Virtual Résumé and Job Search Support Webinars

ZOOM into Academic & Career Advising's Virtual Résumé & Job Search Webinars. From April 27th - May 29th these webinars will be offered every: Tuesday at 3...

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Join experts from CAST as they explore implementing UDL in a CTE classroom. Participants will discuss instructional design particular to CTE and how UDL can...

Virtual Event
CANCELED - Chorale & Chamber Choir Performance

FREE Concert featuring the Chorale & Chamber Choir.

CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Art Exhibit from the Permanent Collection entitled “Student Aesthetics”

The exhibition Student Aesthetics is a group-show featuring pieces that are a part of Waubonsee Community College’s Permanent Student Art Collection. All of...

Growing with Canvas Online Training

Beginning summer 2020, Canvas will become the college’s exclusive learning management system. Canvas is an intuitive learning management system from...


Friday, May 15