Waubonsee Community College


Wednesday, July 10

Art Exhibit by Susan Giles entitled “Curator's Notes: Cecilia Vargas”

This art exhibition features three of Susan Giles’ 3D printed sculptural works that come from her recent studio practice. They draw upon public participation...

Two Student Photography Exhibits

See two new student art exhibitions, the group exhibition Advanced Darkroom Photography and the Honor's Project The Seize by Maria Macko. All of the analog...

College Rep Visit: Aurora University

Meet with a representative from Aurora University to have your transfer questions answered!

New Student Orientation

Welcome new students! Join us for information sessions on college 101, technology overview, academic support services, club and activities, and a guided...

Getting Started Workshop

Covering everything but your course schedule! Starting as a new student at Waubonsee has two major phases -- everything that gets you ready to choose and...

Wednesday, July 10