Waubonsee Community College


Thursday, November 21

Art Exhibit by Betsy Odom entitled “Transitional Objects”

The art exhibition Betsy Odom: Transitional Objects explores the ephemera surrounding displays of identity. Odom works with specific materials like tooled...

Art Exhibit by Rodrigo Lara entitled “Composing Polyrhythms”

The art exhibition Composing Polyrhythms features Rodrigo Lara’s series of artworks entitled Polyrhythms. While the concept for the series is grounded in...

Student Art Exhibit by Angus Noack entitled “Observational Details”

Angus Noack created the artwork in this art exhibition over the past two years in Drawing and Painting classes at Waubonsee Community College. We would like...

Student Group Art Exhibit at the Todd Library

In the art exhibition Fall 2019 Student Exhibition the Waubonsee Community College’s Art Department presents artworks such as drawing, photography, and...

College Rep Visit: Grand Canyon University

Meet with a representative from Grand Canyon University to have your transfer questions answered!

College Rep Visit: Western Illinois University

Meet with a representative from Western Illinois University to have your transfer questions answered!

Student Success Club Meeting!

Stucent Success Club is a way to make friends, get involved, ask questions, create good study habits, learn more about your education and make your present...

Webinar - Imagining Learning Sanctuaries: A Key to Student Wellbeing

This webinar is designed to familiarize participants with the research on sense of belonging and its potential impact on students’ engagement and academic...

Engaging Leaders: Philosophy Presentation

Students participating in the Fall 2019 Cohort of Engaging Leaders will present their own "Leadership Philosophy" during the final meeting of the Fall...

Countdown to College!

An upbeat evening of insider info. for high school seniors (and their parents)—things to do NOW to maximize the experience and minimize the cost.

Thursday, November 21