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Withdrawal deadline for 16-week courses

Talk to an advisor if you're thinking about withdrawing from a class. Please refer to the Registration, Refund and Withdrawal Dates chart on the website or...

Summer 2021 Weekend Classes Begin

First day of weekend classes. Check your schedule for exact time and location of your class.

Cap and Money

Enrollment status determined for federal Pell Grant eligibility (Census Date)

Spring 2021 Semester Ends

Last day of Spring 2021 semester classes.

Cap and Money

First disbursement of federal grants and loans for students enrolled in May and/or June starting classes.

A black graduation cap sits atop a white sheet of paper. The paper contains black numbering 1 through 5 with lettered multiple choice bubbles after each number. The bubbles are labeled 'A' through 'D', except for the 4th row, whose bubbles are labeled 'A', 'C', and 'T', respectively.

Students from local high schools are invited to take their 2021 ACT standardized testing examinations at Waubonsee Community College. This event will be...

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Now more than ever, it is important to provide our faculty, staff and administrators the tools needed for online instruction, learning and student success. ...